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The office is located at 710 East 38th Street.  It is inside of George Floyd Square and across from the memorial site. The streets are currently blocked and free on-street parking is available on 38th and Columbus. 

Please wear a mask and walk bikes when entering the square!

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Secure Entrance

You will be provided with a unique code that will allow you to enter the building when you arrive


The office is at the top of 8 stairs and on the left 

There is a single stall bathroom on both levels of the building

The office is large and sunny.  I have a space heater, fan, weighted blanket, fidgets and air purifier for your comfort.  Drinks and snacks are always on offer as well!

I look forward to getting to know you

Watercolors are compliments of my daughter and the rest is therapisty stuff:)

Holding on to one another 

our hands: photo credit AS